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At Meadow View Forage Supplies, we produce and supply high quality, nutritious haylage to customers across County Down and beyond. Our farm is ideally located in a sheltered valley and surrounded by mountains which create the perfect micro climate for producing healthy and nutritive haylage. I am the fourth generation of haylage supplier since my family started producing forage on this farm. 

Top quality haylage suppliers in County Down

I enjoy producing my own unique haylage as well as controlling the entire process. From ploughing the ground to wrapping the bales, I am always there to make sure that my customers receive the highest quality haylage at all times. 

I work together with a renowned seed company to blend a special mix of grass seed which ideally matches the climate conditions as well as the soil in the valley.

Choose your haylage supplier carefully

Source your haylage from a renowned and reliable haylage supplier to ensure a healthy and safe nutrition for your horses. As I carefully control the haylage harvesting process, I am able to apply my own high standards and at the same time safeguard the finest quality haylage for farmers and private owners alike across County Down and nearby areas. 

My haylage is shaped in medium square triple wrapped bales, which are protected from going off and are much easier to feed on as the hay comes off in flakes. All of the haylage bales are now supplied with a weight sticker to make sure that my customers are always getting a fair service.

I take pride in producing and supplying the best possible forage in County Down

It is important to know what is inside your haylage, that's why before mowing I send a grass sample to the laboratory to check the nitrate levels. If you are a new customer, your first order will include a paperwork which will highlight the nutritional and the fungal results reported by the Irish Equine Centre in Johnstown Naas. 

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If you are based in County Down or the surrounding areas and you are looking for professional and experienced haylage suppliers, look no further than Meadow View Forage Supplies! Get in touch with me today on 028 3085 1253, 07789 585 225 or send me an email at [email protected] and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.