Haylage Suppliers Co Down

Nutritious and High Standard Haylage for Sale in Newry, Rathfriland and the Surrounding Areas.

I control the entire process from ploughing the ground to wrapping the bales, and this allows me to enforce my own very high standards to produce a top-quality forage. I am the fourth generation of my family producing forage on this farm. In 2007, I started to experiment with haylage production and then, in 2010, I had a very long-established local seed company blend a special mix of grass seed to suit my soil and climate conditions which leaves me able to produce my own unique forage. 

I bale in big square bales because it makes a much better airtight bale and is so much easier to feed as it comes off in flakes while keeping the haylage from going off. The bales from the 2016 crop will all come with a weight sticker which I feel going forward will be much fairer for both my customers and myself. 

A sample is taken of the grass in the field and sent to a laboratory to check the nitrite levels before I mow, and then, after two months, the haylage itself is all tested by the Irish Equine Centre in Johnstown Naas. New customers will always receive the paperwork with their first purchase which will detail nutritional and fungal results. 

I try at all levels to ensure that I am making the very best quality forage possible. The bales are stored under cover in large sheds which keeps them sheltered from the elements. The forage is graded and priced according to the weather conditions when we saved it. You will never be sold a bale without knowing exactly what is inside it. I pride myself on producing and supplying a great nutritious forage that your horses will love and thrive on and you will keep coming back for. View the Gallery page, here.

If you are based in County Down, Newry, or the nearby areas and you would like to find out more details about the products that I offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch today on 028 30851253 and I will be happy to help.